Aeternus | 2014 | Analogue Photography | Liquid Emulsion | 50x50cm

“(…)The recording, the reflection, the earth, the lily and the photograph, combined with the titles, they are used as a vehicle for displacing expressiveness… and when combined with the tradition of art, the symbolic and the natural elements, they become raw materials that Sylvia Diez uses to create her works. The artist’s initial intention is to address human sensations and feelings from their source – in this case the soul – to the shadows, the separation between the soul and the body, in order to reach eternal love. However, it is in this cycle that she wants to involve us, to alert us to surrender, to disappointment and to overcoming, to reveal the essence of each in order to achieve universal desire. Sylvia is intense in her artistic attitudes, not only in her research but also in exposing her inner dialogue with life and death.”

João Carlos de Souza