Less Than a Wall, Trapped Inside a Box

Less Than a Wall, Trapped Inside a Box | 2010 | Analogue Photography printed on Fine Art Paper | 90x90cm

 A fountain, the capsule, the cocoon, the nest and the box are images

that can shut in and separate what is most precious to us, as well as

often revealing impossible dreams or a secret. Sylvia Diez puts her

body in the land of metaphor, as a “captive”, revealing to us what is

fragile or what we fear most. The unconscious and the feminine

are reminders of the story of Pandora, the woman who opened

the box, unleashing evil on humankind and finally putting an end

to hope. In her photographs, the artist reconstructs her investigations

and gifts all of us with her representation of humankind’s yearning

to transcend, replete with the riches contained in the box.

In this game, we men must always face our illusions – when we

open the box, we encounter our deepest desires, and on

removing the lid, we inevitably run risks. Diez guides us to this

moment when we should pause and reflect, thinking about

what holds us back and what desire could set us free.


Sinval Garcia, 2011