Esqueça Que Eu Existo

Video Performance: 12’07’

A mysterious gaze brings me to an unfamiliar past
An intense shiver binds me to something I had not felt
A forbidden bond emerges from a lie
And that very innocent illusion ends in the destruction of a dream


                                                       Cupido | 2012 | Analogue Photography | 100x100cm                                                      Autorretrato | 2012 | Analogue Photography | 40x40cm                                                                  Caixa | 2012 | Analogue Photography | 40x40cm

“Agony is a prison cell. Trapped into a claustrophobic private box of delusion and sorrow, we gasp for months, even years, in silence. When we finally manage to get out of it, the box doesn’t disappear – it remains a burden, empty but extremely heavy. We all wade around with our small Pandora’s box – a period of our life that we are afraid to open again. Sylvia’s box is transparent. Her pain is completely naked in front of us. With a sharp crash the lid shatters into shivers and slivers. Scrupulously, she picks up the pieces of her broken dream. Through a cathartic-like process, her sorrow is now buried and frozen, left sinking into the past. Sylvia started out as photographer. During the development of her artistic path, she has discovered that she is also a performer. In all of her projects, she reveals herself with such an exceptional intensity that the photography set turns into a moment of vivid and painful recalling. The tormented connection with her past is the key issue in her artworks. These cathartic journeys trace the origin of and the reason for the laceration, producing authentic images of the incredible power and energy of human fragility.”

Alice Montanini
Exhibition “B A L A G A N”